Pushing forward

I remember reading about pushing film and it sounded like something that was really difficult to do. But with most things that has to do with film, it’s not that hard. It’s just different from digital files, not better, not worse .. different. You can read more about it in this blogpost on the Mastin Labs blog.

I always liked the look of pushed film. It has a different effect than adding exposure on digital files. It gives you more contrast, better colours. I always pushed my film just to make it pop more.

I have been using Mastin Labs presets for a long time. I got all three packs and love the -mostly- one click solution to make my images look better. And now even better, because today Mastin Labs released their latest pack: the Pushed Portra Preset Pack.

The pushed Portra preset pack does what the Portra pack does .. but better.

All these images were processed with the new pushed pack because I got the chance to try them before they came out today. I'll post more in a few days.

Already curious? Try them by following this link to learn more about it and when you decide to buy I get paid a bit which will help me to get back into using real film again, side by side with Mastin Labs presets.



Heather & Horses


It was two summers ago that I was a beta-tester for the Rebecca Lily Pro pack III. These are excellent presets you can use on your photos to give them a specific look and to process to your liking after applying. I had used other presets but was very excited about these and wanted to shoot some new work specifically for these. What better place to visit De Kampina for this? De Kampina is a national reserve not far from where I live, and is a very special place because of it's various sorts of landscapes. It has some large woodlands, fens, fields with high grass and in the late summer it has heather fields stretching as far as the eye can see. Many told me this place reminds them of the savannas in Africa.

One of those Days

And I got lucky. This time was different, it was one of those days.. I got the right light, right weather and as a bonus I bumped into the wild Icelandic horses who graze here. Perfect conditions to test Rebecca's presets.



The new Rebecca Lily Pro pack IV came out a few months ago and I wanted to try my luck and visit the Kampina to shoot some new work to test the new presets, just like I did with Pro pack III. I have been using pack IIIon a lot of my photos and I have been visiting De Kampina over and over again since that shoot with all kind of conditions from the hottest day in summer to the coldest brumous days and it really has become my 'photographic home'. So what better photos to use than a photoshoot with wild Icelandic horses (or cows) in the middle of blooming, purple heather.. Wíth great morning light.

So even better than two years ago.. what are the chances? Right?

I got so lucky, or was it persistence?

Purple heather


Lily presets

So how about those presets? Well.. like the former presets by Rebecca these are excellent! They are subtle but strong and I love the look they give my work. Pack IV has some really great B&W presets and I already have some favorite colour presets, and I can't wait to use it on my recent work.

From Rebecca Patience :"Pro Set IV for Lightroom 5/6/CC and ACR 8/9 is an evolution in digital editing, with professionally handcrafted color renditions including film-inspired pastels, soft desert hues, bold black & whites and vintage modern tones. Expertly fine tuned controls make pro-level color grading easy and attainable: spend less time tweaking, and more time doing what you love. Photographers who shoot both film and digital will also find this product a wonderful complement to the looks they’re able to achieve with film." - more on the website


Feel the Forest

"We should feel the forest rather than see it..

I wonder if the way you can best feel nature is just to hint at enough reality and let the rest of it go and leave it to your imagination.. In other words, keep our general background styles simple and not very graphic. We're thriving for a certain balance.

Our picture as a whole doesn't give over to nature but it weaves."

// Perce Pearce - story director of Bambi


Beauty, Beech & Beach at Mons Klint

The big final: Møns Klint (the Cliffs of Møn).

Before you reach the cliffs you have to go through the beautiful forest of Klinteskoven, a woodland that reaches right until the end of the cliffs. You can go by car on a beautiful gravel road or park the car and go by foot. I can really recommend this! The various paths will lead you through this beautiful forest. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful crooked beech trees which grow on the slopes surrounding you. You can find some of the oldest beech trees in Denmark at Timmesøbjerg, part of Klinteskoven. Some are over 400 years old.

Such a special and beautiful place..

At the end of this hike you’ll reach the long wooden stairs which will take you to the beach with a unique view on the white cliffs. During this walk you’ll enjoy a magnificent view over the cliffs and the turquoise ocean below. On the beach the white cliffs are a lovely contrast to the ocean and the blue skies above. The chalk cliffs make this quite narrow beach a unique place where your eyes and ears are treated to one of the finest places in Denmark. Enjoy this beautiful place, get some rest .. for the trip back up the largest stairs in Denmark.


The view on the Baltic sea


The forest of Klinteskoven


The cliffs of Mons Klint


Six hours in Copenhagen

When we were on the Isle of Mon we decided to go to Copenhagen for a day. It was only a short visit .. not even enough to get a taste of this beautiful city.. But I like what I've seen.

Such classic and minimalistic architecture, design, beautiful colours and nice people. 

Copenhagen we will return..

We also visited the Rundetårn (the round tower). I had seen some photos of this on my timeline and I really wanted to visit this beautiful tower. The tower itself, with it's beautiful light and textures is something you really should see.. but as a bonus at the top you'll have a panoramic view of the beautiful city. 


Nordic Minimalism

This summer we stayed on the Isle of Møn and I was very excited to visit Denmark for the first time. And it didn’t disappoint me.. I have always been attracted by Scandinavia. The climate, the people and especially the minimalism you see everywhere, even in the landscape. I could live there. It’s rough yet warm. Old-fashioned yet modern.

a place like nowhere else..

Once you see my interior Pinterest, you understand what I mean. Scandinavia is beautiful in every single way.

What a beautiful country, here is part one, "nordic minimalism".