update 22-09-2017


current gear

There are people who say gear doesn't matter, but it does. Gear is not the most important, but it does affect the way your photos look and more importantly it affects the way you feel while you take a photo. It influences your work and, therefore, its part of the end product. 

The camera is important to me, especially how a camera feels in my hands, how the release of the shutter makes me feel. How a photo makes me feel when I look at it. Cameras have to challenge me like the iPhone does whenever I use it. I rather have an out of focus photo taken with a Hasselblad of my daughter than a perfect grabbed still of a 4K video. That's why I'm so attracted to film cameras, I love "getting the shot", the process of film and the look and feel of old film cameras.

I deliberately keep my gear to a minimum so I can concentrate on the actual shooting and the surroundings. I only use natural light and want to be able to carry everything in my camerabag. 


Hasselblad 503sw + Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 CFE

Sekonic L-398 A Deluxe

iPhone 7plus


Fujifilm Instax Classic 90

Ona Prince Street, Cognac leather

Maru the Circle Brand custom straps

Sirui T-2005X tripod with Sirui K-20X ballhead